How To Properly Maintain A Garbage Disposal

The other day my fiance and I had a couple friends over and we were having a good time watching the football game. Before the game, we decided that we wanted to make some good food can so we put out a veggie platter to serve our guests. We had an array of carrots, celery, mushrooms, green peppers, and everything else you could want. While cleaning up, my fiance decided it would be a good idea and put the celery root into the garbage disposal.

Our garbage disposal is pretty powerful at 5 horsepower so we thought that it would be no big deal. Boy were we wrong. What ended up happening is the base of the celery got caught in between the shears of the garbage disposal and the unit itself.

Every time that we turned on our kitchen sink the garbage disposal began to leak. This is when we knew we had a serious problem. Here’s some tips to help you maintain your garbage disposal so it continues to run just like brand new.

Tip Number 1

Never, never, never, never, ever, ever, ever, ever, put anything hard into the garbage disposal. This results in wearing down the garbage disposal teeth and damaging your unit.The problem is because hard things are not made to be put in a garbage disposal. Some hard things include coffee grinds, popcorn kernels, sand and much more.

Tip Number 2

Never put oil or grease down your garbage disposal. Guess what happens when you put oil and grease down your garbage disposal? It will harden. Guess what happens when hardens? The oil and grease well then coat the mechanisms which will make your garbage disposal run incorrectly. do that.

Tip Number 3

Don’t put in stringy things into the garbage disposal. The strings will wrap around the mechanisms which will make your garbage disposal overheat. Once the garbage disposal struggles too hard, it will burn out. Once it burns out, you have to buy a new garbage disposal and that ain’t fun. Do whatever you can to avoid putting stringy things down the sink.

Tip Number 4

Run cold water when you’re disposing of anything in your garbage disposal. Run that water for a minute to 2 minutes to help clear the drain. By doing this what you’re doing is helping the motor avoid overheating and it will also¬†move around any of the particles and debris that you’re trying to get rid of. That’s some good stuff, Maynard.


You ever hear of that trick where you can put ice cubes down the garbage disposal to protect it? Guess what? You can make that even better.

Next time you’re cleaning your garbage disposal from foul odors or leftover particles throw two cups of ice into the garbage disposal along with a tablespoon of baking powder in a teaspoon of dishwasher soap. Turn that mofo on, whip up a little bit, into that bad boy jingle, enjoy the awesomeness that you just created. Now that’s a clean garbage disposal

By doing these badass things for your garbage disposal, you really protecting your wallet later down the line. Remember that a garbage disposal should only be used to dispose of food. Don’t be putting the trash in it, don’t be putting rocks in it, don’t be putting bones in it, and don’t do anything that your mom wouldn’t tell you to do. By following proper garbage disposal routines you make sure that your garbage disposal will be running just like new for a very long time.